Don't look now! It's the kitties of the House of the (Mostly) Black Cats and their cat staff, now with their own cstnip stuffed duck to do the work for them.

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More Honorary Catizens of the Hot(M)BC!

Meet the Honorary Catizens of the House of the (Mostly) Black Cats. We are so furry lucky to have furriends all ofur the world!

A-J, K-Z, Honorary Fluffie-zens & Woofie-zens

KC KC is ADORABLE. We fink her motto should be "Purrfectly Adorable." A'course, when she's all growned up, she'll be purrfectly beautiful too.
Midnight Midnight is a blogging cat buddy is an awesome kitty who can open cabinets! She and her sisfur and brofur share a bloggy and makes us laff and grin lots.
Millie Millie is our Bionic Kitty furriend. Well, she's not really bionic, but she's a big innernet celebrity cuz folks from all ofur the web donated to help pay for her leg to get fixed. Millie's a really cool kitty and she has a furever home now, with a Lady and two big cats too.
Missy Blue Eyes Missy Blue Eyes is KC's big sisfur. Missy isn't exactly sure yet if being a big sisfur is the way she wants to go, but she's learning. hehehe
Nelson John La Purr Nelson, aka Nels, is also a Meower from Missouri. Nels is an Elder Kitty at 15+, but he says he's too old to bother bein the boss cat.
Nitro Nitro is anofur furriend that's a Meower from Missouri! He likes sammiches and says he gets squirted wif the water squirter way too much.
Oliver Oliver was a neighborhood stray, but now he owns the neighbors two doors down. Oliver still likes to visit for breakfast regularly with Pepi and Gree.

Oreo is NOT a cookie. Really. See, it says so on his bloggy! Oreo is a furry handsome kitty who lives in Furrginia too, and that's not anyfing like a cookie.

Rocky the Gutter Cat Rocky the Gutter Cat is HOT (if you know what I mean). He's a cool cat and he's a winner too.
Sophia, DivaKitty Sophia is THE DivaKitty. Her bloggy that she shares with the fluffies, Orlando and Fiona, sez so. We fink Sophia is sooper and she deserves her title.
Victor Victor Tabbycat shares a blog with his adopted sisfur Bonnie. He's a furry nice furriend, and is lots of fun at parties. He is also known as a Plucky Plant Plucker due to an unfortunate incident with a plant and the law.
Xing Lu Xing Lu is the Queen of the Meowers from Missouri (she's the onliest girl). Isn't she purrty? We finks so.


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You don't efun haf to be a black or light black cat to be an honorary catizen! We loves all our furriends whatever colors they are! Email us if you wanna be an honorary catizen (or other fluffi-zen, or beanizen). You can efun get a Honorary Catizen (or fluffizen or beanizen) badge and use it on your site or blog! Purrrrs!

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