Don't look now! It's the kitties of the House of the (Mostly) Black Cats and their cat staff, now with their own cstnip stuffed duck to do the work for them.

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Our furriends Samantha n Tigger have nicknamed us "The Hotties". Do you fink that's a good fing? Tell us in our poll at our bloggy (top right area)! (Poll closed)

1/17/08: Valentine's Nip Raviolis are here!

10/3/07: We were judges in a contest. Really!

Cats asked, so we made our staff make 'em. CatNip Raviolis now available. Woo!


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Miles Meezer, Faro of the Foo-ton
King Miles I, Faro of the Foo-ton is Sanjee's boyfriendcat. Check out his cool Faro of the Foo-ton cat gifts!

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